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i m ali from rawalpindi..i m 20 years old with a 5.8 height… i have an athletic body
i was in the habit of going to my parents place in Mysore on the second friday of every month and returning on the night of sunday. Due to the fact that it was a night journey and at that time buses from mysore to shimoga were very few, there was a lot of rush in the bus, which used to fill up to standing capacity also.

Once i was sitting in the aisle seat of a two seat and the bus was very crowded. You might appreciate the fact that the bus was traveling late in the night and all the lights in the bus were put off. All the passengers were very sleepy and were trying to sleep. It was only after some time that i realized that on my side was a young girl who later i learnt was about 20 years was sitting on a vip suitcase and leaning onto the bar of the seat in front of me. I was also leaning onto the bar and during sleep, when she accidentally fell against my hand, i realized that it was a girl. Due to the darkness i could not make out any other thing, but could only see her hair which was lit up by a passing vehicle. Sometime after 1.00 am i woke up to felt her weight on my hands and found that she was also leaning against the bar of the seat in front like me.

Now i was a bachelor then and this small contact was enough for my cock to show some sign of life, but i wanted to be very careful. She was wearing a long blouse and skirt (pavada) and looked okay enough in the dark. (i suppose all girls look okay in the dark). My naughty hands seem to have a life of their own. She was sitting on a suitcase and bending forward to rest her head on her hands which were put on the bar in front of me. I first confirmed that she was sleeping, by lightly patting her hand and then i let my right hand to slowly creep between the seat and lightly brushed against her breasts over the blouse. I got no reaction for some time and this encouraged me to cup her left breast which was nearest to me. It was a long time since the bengali lady and i was very much excited. I slowly squeezed the left breast and then turned my attention to the right one and repeated the squeezing. I was now bold and thought that she was liking it and therefore is remaining still. I could feel her bra through the blouse and found that the breasts were very firm and it was very exciting. I tried to tease the nipple and could feel them respond and get hard. I continued doing this for some time and then suddenly she got up and looked at me.

My heart started beating out of fear as to what might happen, but suddenly she returned back to her earlier position. I took it as a sign that she was appreciative of what happened and then immediately put my hand back where it was. She remained still and lightly pressed her breast to my hand. I was transported to heaven !! I kept on kneading both the breasts and then started to explore lower. I ran my hand over the dress onto her stomach, waist and thighs, but intentionally did not put my hand on her pussy region. In order to be comfortable i opened up my legs on the seat and pulled her suitcase between my legs. Now she was literally sitting between my legs and therefore access to all her body was mine for the taking. We had not spoken a word till then and after running my hands over her body for some time, i leaned across and kissed the nape of her neck, and was able to whisper to her, in english “shall we get down at the next stop ?” She once more turned back and looked at me carefully for some time and gave a short nod. We got down in a place called tarikere on the way to shimoga and went to a lodge. Tarikere is a place where you get down to go to chickmagalur and other places and there is always a floating population there. I do not recall having spoken to her properly at all till we reached a lodge and took a room. The hotelwala asked who she was and i told him that she was my sister who has got a job in chickmagalur and is going there for an interview the next day and since there were no buses at that time of the night, we had no option but to take a lodge.

He accepted and we were given a room. I was tense with anticipation. As soon as we reached the lodge and i was very quick to bolt the door, i caught hold of her and turned her towards me and started kissing her all over her face and finally caught her lips with mine. She was not experienced and did not know enough to open her mouth for a kiss. I gently released her lips and asked her to open her mouth. No words passed between us till then. I did not even know her name. She allowed herself to be guided by me for the kiss and opened her sweet mouth. I was lost in the sensation of kissing and so was she. Initially only her mouth was meeting me and after sometime perhaps due to the sensation of kissing her breasts were meeting my chest and then slowly she leaned fully against me by pressing her waist against me. She could then feel my cock straining against the pants that i wore. I then proceeded to put off the light of the room, totally and then guided her to the bed where i slowly started removing her blouse, button by button. It was a very heady experience and she was slowly saying no no!! But it was not with any sound but whispered. I did not care and was able to remove all the buttons and buried my mouth in between the crack of the breasts and inhaled deeply. What an experience ! I could literally feel the goose bumps rising on the valley of her breasts and this excited me. I slowly rubbed my mouth across the breasts and then proceeded to kiss her navel and knead the breasts at the same time.

She has on a bra and i could feel that she had quite good breasts. I pulled her on top of me and removed her blouse fully. Slowly while kissing her navel, i put my hand on the nada (thread) of the pavada and pulled it. It came undone and i found another pavada(cotton) underneath. I succeded in removing the nada of this also and then while continuing to kiss her all over, and rolling her succeeded in sliding the pavadas down her thighs and then used my legs to fully slide them down her legs. Now she was in her panty and bra only. I could see the shape of her body by the dim light of a street light and it only increased my excitement. Though she was in a semi-nude state, i was still fully clothed and could not expect a new girl to remove my clothes. While maintaining the kissing i slowly started removing first my shirt and then the pant. She was shivering and was not at all participating. I realized then that it was the first time for her and therefore started talking to her in english, while still maintaining my kissing her all over her body. When she started to talk back to me, though hesitantly, i could make out by her accent that she was a malayalee. Though i was also a malayalee, i was careful enough not to talk to her in malayalam and continued my work. Slowly i took her hand and placed it on my bulging cock over the underwear. She lightly touched it without realizing what it was and suddenly removed her hand on finding something strange perhaps. I persisted in placing her hand on my cock and letting it remain there. Now i was slowly embracing her with an intent to remove the bra hooks, but found no hooks in the back ! This was new to me and i asked her, where they were.

She replied that the hook was in the front, and then i put my hand but was unable to remove the hook. She helped me to remove it and then i found the mounds of pleasure. I buried my face in her sweet breasts and as soon as i started putting my hand on them could make out some reaction from her. I placed the nipples in my mouth and found them hard like grapes. I enjoyed them for some time and then slowly let my hand creep to her panties. I slowly started sliding them beyond her heavenly buttocks. She tried to half-heartedly prevent me from sliding the panties down, but i was not in a position to listen. I removed them using my legs to slide them beyond her legs and thrust them aside. Now she was totally naked in my arms and then i whispered to her that now can we have fun. There was no response from her, but she did not move away from me. I took this as acceptance and moved further. First i myself removed my underwear and gave her my bursting cock in her hand and showed her by signs that she is to move her hand over it. She was doing as i directed and it was a great feeling. She whispered to me that it was the first time for her and asked me to be gentle. I had a virgin in my hands !! I assured her of all my discretion and slowly slid my hands over her body and in between her legs. She had kept her legs together and would not let me access her pussy. I whispered to her to place her legs on my body and pulled one of her legs onto my stomach. This enabled me to access her pussy by hand. Slowly i rubbed the outer lips of her pussy and found that it was very lightly wet. I inserted my finger into it and tickled the clit. A sudden reaction ! I found that the vagina was slightly dry and used some saliva to make it more wet. I kept on using my fingers on the clit and g spot till she was quite wet and then i told her that i was coming over her. I place her below me and kissed her gently and sat between her legs. She had no option but to open her legs. Keeping my legs wide so as to further widen her legs i placed my swollen cock in the entrance to heaven and lightly pushed it in. It slid in only about 1.5 inches and stopped. I was ready by this time and had my mouth on her mouth so that she could not cry out. I found a few tears in her eyes. I whispered to her that since this is the first time, there will be a little pain and afterwards it would be alright. Without waiting for a reply i pushed it in further while still kissing her on the mouth. It went in a little more inside. The third try i pushed in hard and the entire length went in plop! I was in heaven ! My cock was gripped in her pussy very right and it was a great feeling. I did not move for a minute and then removed my mouth from hers and then told her that from now on there will be no pain and only good feelings. I slowly started moving against her. After about 10 times she started responding to my thrusts and perhaps started to enjoy it. I went on for about 10 minutes and then exploded into her. Great ! I was exhausted and lay back pulling her onto me. She just lay there also exhausted. After some time we got up and i took her in for a bath. She said she would bathe herself, but i insisted and told her that to familiarize her with my body and to familiarize myself with hers we should bathe together since when we have sex we do not use lights. She agreed and we had a bathe. It was only the next morning when having breakfast i thought about the pregnancy aspect. I went to the neighbouring medical store and asked for the emergency contraceptive tablets and got a few and asked her to take it. After talking for a time, she told me that she was studying to be a nurse at a hospital in shimoga. I then told her that i was also a malayalee and was staying in shimoga on work. Till the completion of her training at shimoga she used to stay with me in my room in my lodge at shimoga(engaged on monthly basis) for about at least 4 nights in a week. I had arranged for her to take contraceptive tablets regularly and therefore there was no problem. Now she has been married and so have i. She now works at a hospital in lahore and when i go there, just to meet her, she still comes to my hotel for an encounter, but we have to be very careful now since both of us are married.
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mera naam rehan hai aur mein rawalpindi ka rehne wala hun.meri umer 22 saal hai…Ye kuch 5 saal pehle ki baat hai, jab mein ek firm mein kam karta tha aur meri office mein ek bahut si slim aur sexy lady thi jinka naam farhana (name changed) tha mai unhy bhabhi bulata tha.
Unki age 36 thi. Lakin wo bahut hi sunder thi. Unka pati riaz ghar shy bahar hi rahty thy.ek din hamary firm mai party thi hum sub ny jam kar drink kiya aur khub shari masti khatm hony kay baad mai rekha ko ushky ghar chorny gaya.unky pati kahi bahar gay hu thy.jaishy hi main unhy car shy uthara unky kadam larkharany lagy mai unhy sahara dy kar bed room mai lay gaya bed room mai jaty hi bed room mai jaty hi mai apny ko rok nahi paya aur bhabhi ky badan shy kapry utarny laga rekha bhi hamara shth dany lagi.

Ab mai aaplogo ko must cudi ky bary mai bata hu.

Meine use apni godd mein utha liya aur usko bed pe lita diya aur uske gulabi aur lips par kiss kiya usne bhi kiss karke reply diya phir humne french kiss kiya jo ki kariban 10 min. Chala. Ab hum dono garam ho chuke the. Uska haath mere lund se mere pent ke upar se hi khel raha tha. Aur mein use kiss karte huye uske mammey daba raha tha aur kapdo ke upar se hi use chus raha tha. Phir meine uska sari uatar diya ab woh mere samne black color ki bra aur penty mein bed par leti huyi thi. Kya kayamat lag rahi thi. Use dekh kar kisika bhi lund use chodne ke liye fanfanane lagega. Mera lund full eraction mein aa gaya aur bahar aane ke liye tadapne laga. Usne bhi ab mere sare kapde nikal kar muje nanga kar diya to meine bhi uski bra aur penty nikal kar use nanga karke dekhane laga. Uski gulabi chut badi pyari lag rahi thi us par ek bhi baal nahi tha aur badi tight chut thi. Mein puchha ki itni tight chut kyo hai to woh boli tumhare lund ko lene ke liye ye tadap rahi hai mere raja. Yeh sunkar muje jos aa gaya aur mein bade jor se use chumne laga. Ab usne mere lund ko haath mein lekar dabana suru kiya tha. Jab usne mere 6.5″ lambe lund ko dekha to uski ankhe fati ki fati reh gayi….

Rehana : mere lund ko dekhthe hi o boli “etna lamba aur mota mujse nahi hoga” myne mere lund ko uske muh me diya aur o 5 min tak chumti rahi baad myne muh se nikalkar uske boor ky muh me rakh kar gusana shuru kiya to ahhhhhhh mhhhhhhh bahar nikal do mujse aur darddd……… ahhhhh….. Nahi hota mhhhhh……….. Ab myne pure takat se gusa diya aur zor jor ka shot mara tho wo chilany lagi mai bhi ushko buri tarh chummny chatny laga wo jor-jor shy bolny lagi ho gayi mujhy chod do mari boor ko phd do aur ushny mere lund ka pura maza lena shuru kiya . Myne jam ke adhe gante tak uski chuth ki dhulayi ki esi beech o 2 baar choot chuki thi jab mera time aya tho myne lund uske chut se nikal diya aur uske muh me gusa diya aur uska sar pakad kar jor jor sr hilaya.mayra lund shy pani cuna suru kiya
Phir hum dono 69 positon mein aa gaye mein uski chut chat aur chus raha tha aur woh mere lund ko lollypop ki tarah chus rahi thi. Karib 15-20 min. Mein mera pani uske munh mein hi nikal gaya aur is dauran woh 3 baar aapni chut ka amrit ras chhod chuki thi. Usne mere lund ko chus chus kar saf kiya aur firse mera lund 8.5″ full size mein aa gaya. Ab meine use bed par lita diya aur uski kamar ke niche ek takiya laga ke uske pair mere kandho ke upar rakh liye jisse uski chut puri khul ke mere samne muje chodne ke liye nyota dene lagi. Meine uski chut ke lips par mera lund tikaya aur ek halka sa dhaka lagaya lekin uski chut bahut tight hone ki vajah se mera lund andar nahi ja saka aur fisal ke uski gaand ki darar mein fas gaya. Phir mein uske dressing table se thoda oil leke aaya aur meine mere khade huye mote lund pe aur uski chut mein thoda oil lagaya aur phir ek halka sa dhakka lagaya ki mere lund ka topa uski must chut mein ghus gayi aur uske munh se ek dard bhari aahhhhhh nikal gayi. Meine thoda aur zor lagaya to wo tadapne lagi, use bahut dard ho raha tha. Usne kaha ki please bahaar nikalo nahi to mein mar jaungi, tumne to meri chut faad di. Meine kaha thoda sabra karo meri rani phir bada maza aayega. Phir mein uske mast bade boobs dabane laga aur use french kiss karte huye lund ko dhakka lagane laga. Meine ek zor ka dhakka lagaya ki mera pura 8.5″ ka lund uski bur mein ghus gaya aur woh chilla padi lekin french kiss ki wajah se uski aawaz nahi nikal payi magar unki ankho se ansu nikal aaye. Mein thodi der hile bagair yun hi mera lund uski bur mein fasaye huye pada raha aur use sahlane laga. Kariban 5 min ke baad usne apani gand uchhalni suru kardi aur mein samaz gaya ki woh ab taiyar hai. Phir mein ghapa ghap use chodne laga.

Ab to woh bhi apani gand uchhal-uchhal kar mujse chudwane lagi thi aur bol rahi thi aur zor se mere raja. Tum bahut achchha chod rahe ho. Aur zor se chodo apani rani ko. Aaj to apani rupali ki bur fad ke uska bhosada bana do. Uski aisi baat sunkar muje bhi jos aa gaya aur mein use badi tezi se chodne laga. Meine use 15 min chodne ke baad meine use dogi style mein chodna chalu kiya ab tak woh 3 baar zad chuki thi. Uski chut se nikalta huya paani aur bhi maza de raha tha aur mera lund badi aasani se chut me anda bahar ho raha tha.. Uske munh se badi ajib si aawazein aa rahi thi. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaauuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr zzzzzzooooooooorrrrrrrr ssseeeeeeeeee rrrraaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjaaaaa. Ffffffaaaaaaaadddddddd do apaniiiiii rrrrrrrraaaaaaani ki ccccccchuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt kooooo. Aaj tumne muje bada maza diya hai, ab to mein jab tak u.p mein hu mein harroz tumse chudwaungi aur jab bhi yaha aaungi tumse hi thukwaungi mera saiyan.oh mary raja phad do mari boor ko.ohhhh——–ohhhhhhhhhhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijor shyyyyyyyyyohhhhhhhh meine use kariban 30 min tak choda. Tab tak woh 7-8 baar zad chuki thi. Ab woh mere lund ke upar baith gayi aur apani gand utha-utha ke muje chodne lagi thi. Woh puri tarah madhos ho chuki thi. Kariban 5 min ke bad jab mera pani nikalne wala tha to meine use kaha ki mera nikalne wala hai to woh bed pe let gayi aur boli ke meri chut ki zaad tak pani gira do. Phir kya tha meine uski chut phir se pelni suru kar di aur 2-3 min ke baad mere pani ki ek fuhar uski chut me chod di aur mera sara virya uski chut mein gaherai tak chhod diya. Phir hum dono uthe aur bathroom mein ek sath nahane gaye aur meine use bathroom mein dusri baar 10 min tak choda aur phir ham dono kapade pahanke taiyar huye aur mein apane ghar chala aaya. Kaisi lagi aapko meri kahani, mein ye pehli baar likh raha hu agar koi galti ho to mauf kar dena. Aur muje batana ki kaisi lagi meri kahani to muje meri dusari kahani batane ka pata chale.
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i m rehan from rawalpindi.Pakistan. 22 years old with a athletic body. I’m 5 .9 in height. Now about my story she is not my real aunty she is working in my house since my childhood she is not a very aged woman she is 34. Because in their family they marry their children in early ages .my aunty is very tight with a good figure of 36″27″36″.her hips are moving here and there and I love her virgin gland. her hips are just like two beautiful watermelons full of sweet juice. but I love most is just her “bhare bhare mummay” jin me doodh hota hai or mera dil karta tha ke main us ka doodh piyoon.yeh July ki baat hai jub main inter (part 1) kay paper day kar faarag hua tha aur main hur waqt “nasreen” kay baaray main soochta rehta tha .main uski gand maarna chhachta tha uski khuli “phoodi” main apna lun dalna chhahta tha or mujhe aik bahut khoobsoorat chance mila jisse maine avail kiya or uski gand mar dee. Yeh 15th July ki morning ki baat hai time within 10:00-10:30 my mom and grand mom went to market to purchase some clothes for summer season . When they gone I turn on the TV and start watching MTV and thinking of a “blue print film” my friend gave to me to watch and enjoy. So I turned off the TV and turn on my computer to watch the movie. I started the film and suddenly the bell rangs I am in hurry close the player icon in which I was watching movie. When i opened the door it was my darling “nasreen” wearing black tight clothes in which her mummay was looking Tremendous and very “mootay”. I loved that scene and my winky started to erect in my pants and I stop them from erecting by holding them tight in my hand. Aunty asked from me that where are all gone and I told her that they all went to market. Nasreen said ok and went to kitchen to do work .i was very full due to sex so i decided to masturbate watching xxx . I started the player again and begun watching the movie suddenly aunty told me to please buy some eggs from market because she want to eat eggs. I said ok and without closing the player icon I just stop it and went towards the market during that period my aunty “nasreen” come in the room to collect some dishes and her hand suddenly press the enter button and by pressing the enter button the movie started and my aunty is fond of films urdu she thinks that it’s a urdu film and she started to watch but when the name gone she saw that it was a xxx movie .

She first tries to close it but then when she fails to stop she begun watching that movie with a shy and angriness on me. Suddenly I came back and she doesn’t know how to stop it so she shut down the computer but the button she pressed was not for shutting down it was for restarting the computer again but she didn’t care and go in the kitchen .I sat on the computer and surprised to see that computer is restarted so I just on the player and start began to watch. She then called me Kashif come here I said ok coming and when I went towards her she said what are u watching? I was just shocked at his question that what she was asking so I told her watching nothing she told me that u are watching a xxx movie and she saw her too. I was afraid but she told me not to watch again and if I watch again she didn’t spare me next time and told my parents . I was afraid so I turn down the movie and started to listen songs during this period I butcher came and she comes to my room ant stand in my door outside and asking him what is he selling? I was very hot so I was watching her standing her in the door and her juicy hips were at my face front so I walk towards her and suddenly touched her hips with my front portion and wrap her and began to pressing her breasts. She began to stop me and threw me away and became very angry at my this rubbish treatment with her but I told her to not to tell anybody please she agreed and when she goes out of the room she was very tensed but I shut off the door and start waiting her that she come but she didn’t come so I went into the kitchen she was washing dishes I again caught her from back but this time a little harder and suddenly began to start his qameez up so I could caught her mummay with more power she this time tries hard but I became successful in pulling up his qameez and began to pressing hard his breasts she slap me but I didn’t care and keep going on my work .

(now in urdu) usne mujhe kaha kashif mujhe chhod do please mere saath aisa nahin karo magar main nahin maana or uski baat mane bagair uski gand pur haath phherne laga dabaane laga or aik dum maine apna lun nikaal kar uski gand pur malna shorrow kur diya ab wo shouting karne lagi lakin maine uska mouth pur haath rakh diya or apni aunty ko apni baahon main uthaa liya main surprise tha ke us waqt mere main itni taaqat kahan se aaye pur maine aunty ko uttahaya or unhen room main lay gaya or unko bed pur litaa diya wo shouting kur raheen theen to maine unke mouth pur slap kiya or unka rape karne lagaa she said no please chood do but I didn’t stop and started to pulling off her shalwar and tore her shalwar into pieces and began to lick her juicy cunt by putting my mouth on her choot hardly wo dard se shouting kur raheen the laiken maine koi prwaa nahin kee or use choosta raha bahut mazaa aa raha tha “uff wo juice bhari choot jis may see juice nikal raha tha or maine unki choot pur mouth rakh ker choosna shorrow kur diya wo juice was just like “gush of honey”. ub unko bhi mazaa aane laga or wo zor se kahne lagin hakashifi agar marni hai to itna paani hai kay mujhe thanda kar sakey to maine kaha haan(yes).to choos phir or gaand mar mere or mere khoose main apna lun daal de or chod uff kitna mazaa aata hai jub to isko choosta hai toone to iske under aag laga di hai ub is aag ko toone bujhana hai apnay is lun pump may se paani dal kar. Aacha maine kaha or dobara chhosene laga bahut mazaa a raha tha phir jub nasreen ne dard or mazay se shouting shorrow ke to maine chood diya or unkay mummay pakar liye jo key mujhe bahut pasand thay i start pulling off her bra and began to lick, bite the nipples of her mummay. I love doing that tub usne mujhe kaha kay ye to tum hamesha se chahte the na tum inko different ways se watch kartay the or main bhi mazaa latee thi ke bacha mummay dekh raha hai main to inko ye soch kar aksar press bhi karti thi ke koi mujhe choday lun daal kar or mere mummay zor se choose or inme doodh le kar aaye or mazaa laker drink kare or mujhe mazaa aaye tub maine kaha nasreen inme doodh nahin aata to wo kehne lagi “zor se chhooso doodh nikle gaa phir peena mera doodh or mere kuss mar kar mazaa lena or phir mera doodh pee kar jaan banaana or phir mere gand maarna aur tumhe mughe thanda karna hai hakashifi zor se choos or sara doodh pe le ja glass laker aa main usme doodh dalti hoon to thanda kar ke peena or mazaa lena or mere khoosi gand or phoodi phar dena zor se tub mazaa aayega” .

So I started to lick her mummay more hard and sucking with more power to drink her sweet doodh and soon I became successful. I by after some time put my Lund in her mouth to suck but she refuse I said why she said “yeh to ganda kaam hai tub maine jaldi se xxx on kar dee or use kaam dikhaya to wo kuch der kay baad maan gayee or mere lun ko chhoosne lagi mujhe bahut mazaa aa raha tha itna mazaa ke main ilfaaz main bataa nahin sakta or wo bhi to mazay se choos rahe thi or aahhhhhhhh bahut mazaa raha tha aahaaaaaaa. Then after some time she told me that “kashif ub mujhe choodo main tumhara lun apni phoodi main chhahti hoon aao mere is khoosi main lun dall kar mazaa lo or dhakkay laganay aatay hain jis se aurat ko mazaa aata hai uski khoosi main lun dalnay ke baad agar nahin aate to bataa do main sikha detein hoon tum yeh karo kay mere ooper chud jaao or mere is khoosi ki moori main apna lun dalo aur phir aagay peechay ho tub mujhe dhakkay lagain gain or tumhain bhi mazaa aaye gaa or dhakkay lagane ke dooran mare mummay jo key tumhein bahut pasand hain unhain mazzaa lay kur choosna or unke doodh peena or jaan banana. I than acted upon his advice and started like what she said maine apna lun uskee phoodi main daal diya aahhhhhhhhhh bahut mazaa aaya mera pehla experience tha is liye bahut mazaa aaya .wo under se bahut gakashif(hot like hell) thi or mere lun ko garmi lagni shorrow ho gaye thi but I start like a bullet train in her phoodi and start my lun doing in and out and she atarted monaing ahhh hohjhhhhh kashif fuck me hard ohhhhh jaan apne lun se phad do meri chhot ko mujko apane banalo chodo mujhko jor se chodo please ahhhhhhhh oddddddddhhhhhhhhhhhhhh piyo mear doodh bhi piyo please tum mujh ko pahela kyoon nahi mile mein tumhare bache ko janam dena chahati hoon chodo mujko chodo jor se chodo aur itna chodo ke main walk nahin kar sakoon or mere choot ko apne dande se itna khol do key tum isme ja sakoo ta key tum har waqt isko under se chodtay raho mujhe apani patani banalo mere payre kashif mer patti ban jayo aur mujko apani ek nishani do mer pet mein tumhara bacha palana chahati hoon .mere kashif jaan mujko apne bache ki ma bana do please chodo na and then she moned loudly oh ohhhhhh you bithch a aunty fucker fuck me and told ahh oohhh kashif tum mere pati mein gai.

Ohhhhhh plllsssss ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh and i too moned and told i am cumming ahhhhha and loaded my thick and white milk in her chhoot adn sleeped on each other for 10 min .tub maine us se poocha that she really wanted to be my child mother she told yes i again fucked her hard uske choot dobara maari or phir maine uske virgin gand main upna lun daal diya or ose choodna shorrow kar diya aahhhhhhh bahut mazaa aa raha tha use or mujhe pur use bahut dard ho raha tha because wo uski virgin gand thi use kholnay me thoda time lagta hai or main zor se khool kar thook raha tha uski tub kuch daar baad maine apni white money uski gand main daal de or phir uske mummay dabaa kar aik baar phir uski samne se koosi marne laga or phir aakhri dafaa uski phoodi main apna white cum spread kur diya wo bahut happy thi or bar mujhe choom rahi thi or main uske mummay choos raha tha or mazaa le raha tha. phir humne bus kar diya and went towards the bathroom and taken a bath together and kissed each other fuck her again under shower us baar maine usko zameen par litaa kar usme mummay ke beech main apna lun rub kiya or thodi der baad wahan apna white cum uske mouth pur spread kiya usne bare mazaay se usko khaya and take pleasure. After that day we usually have sex within a week 1 or 2 times but if I am not in a mood of sex I only fills my sex feelings by licking and by biting her tits which I love most and sucks his sweat sugar taste milk and sometimes i take her milk in glass and began to drink in front of my parents but they didn’t know that this was not the milk of a cow or buffalo but the milk of a woman my darling “nasreen”. After 9 months she gave birth to a baby and everyone was happy but I was most because it was the real result of my hard working with her and she was also very happy and want more from me since that day after she gave birth to a baby i really fucked her more hard because I was eager to see my another result.
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Dostoo ye aik real incident hia jo mere sath hoa. Mera name ali hai.i m 5.9 in height. I am 21 years old. I am from islamabad. Ye story meri aur aik aunty ki hia,,, un ka name seema aunty hai. I always like the aunty very much. Wo bohot baray baray mamoon ki malik hian and un ki gand ki to kia hi baat hai,,, un ki age 32 hai and un ki figure 36″27″36″ hia, un ki gand her time idhar udhar hilti hi rehti hia and main us ko dekh kar bus dewana sa ho jata hon,, but uncle ki figure itni achi nahi hai as compare to aunty,,, aunty ki figure bohot piyari hia, she is really very beautiful and sexy. Especially i love her big boobs, she is fair in colour.she is my fantasy lady. Kaye dafa un ka sooch kar muth mari hai maine, i fucked her every night in my dreams. Aik din main un ke ghar gia,,, wo ghar ki safaye kar rahi thi,, wo ghar per akaili thi aur uncle office gaye hoay thay,,wo mujhe dekh kar bohot khush hoi, wo off-red sleeveless nighty main thi,, pehli dafa maine un ke doodh bharay hath dekhay. Unhoon ne apni nighty ke nichlay button khool rakhay thay jis ki waja se wo araam se chal sakti thi,, is waja se main un ki thighs aur lower part dekh sakta tha,, maine un se poocha “kia main aap ki help karon ? Unhoon ne kaha, ” nahi main kar lon gi ” maine kaha main bilkul free hon abhi, mujhe khushi ho gi agar main aap ki help karon,, she said ” ok “. Unhoon ne mujh se kaha ke jaooo sath walay room se table le kar aoo,,, main janay laga to aunty peechay hoi and un ki nighty kahin atak gaye aur un ki nighty ke oper ka aik button toot gia per aunty ne notice nahi liya is baat ka, khair jab main table le kar wapis aya and aunty table uthanay ke liye bend hoi to un ki nighty main se mammay saaf nazar anay lagay aur meri nazrain to jaise tik gaye hon wahan per. Suddenly aunty ki leg table ke sath takrayee aur wo cheekh uthi pain se,,, unhoon ne jhuk kar apni leg ko masalna shuru kar dia,, main aunty ke pass gia aur kaha “zaida pain ho raha hai kia ?” wo abhi bhi bend hoi hoi thi and un ke mammay kareeb se aur saaf nazar aa rahay thay aur unhoon ne bra bhi nahi pehna hoa tha. Ye dekh kar mera lund aik dam khara ho gia. Kuch dair baad aunty theek feel karnay lagi and hum dono ne table uthaya aur jab aunty jhuki to un ki valley dekh kar main to pagal hi ho gia. Table rakhnay ke baad unhoon ne mere se aik stool lanay ko bola, wo stool per khari ho gaye aur mujhe bola ke tum meri aik leg pakar ke rakhna kahin main gir na jaon,,, jaise hi maine aunty ki milky leg ko pakra mujhe current sa laga, aunty ka jism bohot hi chickna tha and mera lund aik dam khara hoa hoa tha,, aik dam halka sa stool hila to aunty ne mujhe muskuratay hoay kaha ke dekh kar zara, thori dair baad achanak aunty stool se slip kar gaye aur mere oper aa giri, isi girnay ke beech aunty ke mammay kafi dafa mujh se touch hoa aur isi beech mera hath un ki gand ke aik cup per aa gia,,, waoooo kia shape thi, amazing,, jab hum giray to thori dair hi baad hum dono hansnay lag gaye, aunty boli thek se pakarna tha na pagal, ab mujhe uthaoo, aunty ko uthatay hoay mera hath un ke mammon per laga per unhoon ne notice nahi liya is baat ka aur hansti rahi, aur sexy si awaaz main boli ” ooo farhan ab utha bhi loo na mujhe “.

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mera naam rehan hai.aur mein islamabad mein rehta hun. i m 22 years old with a athletic body.For once i didn’t have to work the weekend so i had decided to head over to mom and dads for a visit. Sense i was single i didn’t have too much of anything to occupy my time at any rate. It had been a while sense the last time i visited so i though it best to keep in touch sense i had the time. I had pulled into the drive and was half way to the house when a female voice called out to me. Looking to the back yard as i walked, i saw my cousin amber and my niece hoori in the back yard jumping on the trampoline. I hadn’t seen amber for at least three years, but what i could see of her now, looked as though she had done quite a lot of growing up in that time. As i said my hello’s and continued walking towards the house, i racked my brain to figure out just how old she was now. As i walked in the door i had come up with the sureness that she could only be around 13 years old at this time.

I talked to mom for a while and found out that dad was over at one of my sisters house working on her kitchen sink. I also found out that she was kinda baby sitting for amber and hoori for the weekend. Not that they needed a baby sitter or anything, its just that they could do a whole lot more over here. Mom and dad lived out in the country and had a lot to offer in the way of entertainment. All my nephews and nieces enjoyed coming over here to visit. After getting the latest gossip on the rest of the family from mom i went into the computer room to mess around for a while. I wasn’t in their long when i heard the back patio door slide open and the girls come giggling into the house. Not long after that and they were right behind me asking me 2,000 questions both at once.

Putting my game of doom on hold, i spun my chair around and confronted them. Not to be rude, but my niece hoori was nothing to look at. She’s just another plain teenage girl, i think around the same age as amber. Speaking of which….. I don’t mind telling you that when i finally saw amber up close my mind was bombarded with images of what i would love to do to this sweet little thing. My god was she attractive! Maybe 5’2″, 85 to 90lbs. Long brown wavy hair, and big brown eyes to match. Her face was flawless. I couldn’t find a blemish on it. She was just starting to blossom into women hood, and i was highly impressed at the way she was developing. She was wearing a loose fitting tank top tucked into a pair of jean shorts that had i been her father, i would have considered them to short. All of this info i collected in a fraction of a second.

As they continued to spew out the questions, which were mainly coming from amber, i continued to answer them and at the same time try to be as indiscreet as possible about my survey of her. Cousin or not, i was very aroused by her appearance. Hoori asked if she could play doom for a while, so i let her have my seat and took up the other one near by. That’s kind of an understatement sense the rooms dimensions were about 6′ wide and about 15′ long. That’s no shit! The computer room was made for one person only, 2 at most. I took up the last chair which was about 3′ in back of hoori, and right across from where amber was leaning back against a desk dedicated to computer and printer supplies. The gap between us was next to nothing. I actually had to spread my legs out so i wouldn’t be bumping into hers. Our positions didn’t seem to bother her at all. Cool!

Amber and i continued to talk while hoori played doom. Whenever amber would look over at the screen to watch hoori play, i would check out her body as she did so. It was lean and just starting to get a figure to it. There was no doubt that when she hit 17 or 18 she was going to be a complete knock out. Speaking of age, i found out during our little talk that she was going to be 14 in another four months. I had been right after all. I was looking straight ahead at her crotch for i don’t know how long, but suddenly realized she was know longer looking at the screen but instead was looking back to me. I quickly looked up and found her looking down at me with what i thought was a quizzical expression on her face. I felt my face flush with embarrassment and fear, but was relieved when she started talking about her school instead of asking me what the hell i had been staring at. Either she didn’t realize what i had been doing, or she actually did know and didn’t find it worthy of confronting me with it.

A few minutes later mom walked in and asked if i was staying for supper. I said yes. To this bit of news she states that she would have to go into town for supplies and sense i was here, i could look after the girls in her absence. After mom had left i got up and went and got a pop. When i returned i found hoori still playing doom but with amber bending over her shoulder. On top of the amazing sight of her beautiful ass, she had actually moved over to my side of the room. Not wanting to let a good thing go, i walked right up and took up the seat i had been previously been sitting on. Doing this put amber’s ass only 6″ away from me and nearly at face level.

When i had retaken my seat, amber had looked back at me for a second, right straight in the eye’s, then turned back to watch the screen again. Now i knew damn well that she knew her ass was practically right in my face. I mean, she was 13 after all, and she didn’t seem to be even remotely stupid. She knew damn well what she was doing. The only problem here was, i had know idea just what i could do and hope to get away with it. For the time being i decided to continue to look and not touch and see how things developed. My cock was rock fucking hard in no time. I could see just a hint of butt cheek showing from below her shorts. Jesus! Her ass was going to be exquisite when she got older. Hell it was pretty damn incredible now.

After a few minutes of this, she finally turned around to face me. Looking down at my pop, i had resting on my thigh, she asked if she could have a drink. Not waiting for a reply, she reached down and grabbed the can out of my hand. Initially i had thought she had been looking at my pop, but when she had took it away, her eye’s remained focused downward, right at the fucking bulge in my pants. I figured sense she had given me a show i could do the same for her, so i turned and looked at the game in progress, giving her all the time she wanted to look at my cock bulge. I even flexed it a couple times to let her know just how excited she was making me.

Our shows we gave each other ended about 10 minutes later when hoori sat back and stated she was done. Upon hearing this, amber asked if everybody wanted to play 3-way ping pong upstairs. Hoori and i readily agreed and we all headed up to play, disguising the rules as we went. I was given another good shot of amber’s ass as we went upstairs, she being right in front of me and all. At one point during our climb she had looked back at me with a small smile on her face. My god was this exciting! Still, i didn’t know how far this little fiasco was going to go. I was pretty damn happy so far though! We flipped coins to see who would be partners and i was pleased with the outcome of being partners with amber the first game. I think she was equally pleased as well.

I learned early on in the game that amber was a ball hog. She would constantly cut in front of me to get to the ball. One of those times she had hit the ball to hard and it had went clear over to the other side of the room. As hoori ran after it, i playfully slapped amber’s ass with my paddle and called her a ball hog. She in turn remained standing in front of me, then had bent over the table and spread her legs far apart, as if to say ‘go ahead, spank me’. Looking over her shoulder at me and smiling, she instead said, “hey, i see something i want, i go after it.” then turned back around and waited for hoori’s return. Now if that statement didn’t have two meanings, i didn’t know one that did. My cock didn’t diminish one bit throughout the rest of the game. Amber continued to cut me off from the game, and intentionally brush against my crotch. We both continued to feign ignorance in each others advances though. I found this incredibly exciting!! Besides, we couldn’t let hoori figure out what was going on. There would no doubt be hell to pay if she did.

At another point in our game the ball had went under our side of the table. Amber made no attempt to go after it, so i got down on my hands and knee’s and went. When i was on my way back out, i noticed amber had came forward and had leaned against the front of the table with her legs spread out wide. Knowing she had done this for my benefit, i obliged her and came forward and looked right up the leg of her shorts. I could just make out the outside edge of the cute white panties covering her crotch. This was a voyeur’s wet dream! I came forward some more and took a big whiff of her crotch. I was rewarded with the faint but distinct tangy odor of her young cunt. My god was i getting horny!! I looked and sniffed for a minute, but reluctantly came out so hoori wouldn’t think anything was up. Amber merely eye-balled me with a barley visible smile. I loved this shit.

As we switched sides and continued our game play, i couldn’t help but wander where she had learned to be such a good tease. I mean, she was only 13 for christ sakes. It wasn’t as if this sort of shit just sprang into your head one day out of the blue. Did it? The other thing that was nagging at my brain was that she wasn’t even remotely afraid of our age difference, which to me meant that whoever showed her the little tricks she was performing, might just be an older man. Hmm. Half way through the next game, my partner, who was now hoori, stated that she had to go to the bathroom and that she would be right back. When she had left, amber and i started to play a slow game of one on one.

She broke the silence by saying, “you coming back over tomorrow?” Looking at her face i could plainly see that she wanted me to, so i said, “yeah, probably.” Smiling now she states, “cool. Then when you’re ready to leave you can take me home on your way.” The thought of this was very appealing to me to say the least, but feeling a little bit ornery, i said, “and waist my gas for you? Are you kidding?!” Knowing i was just joking around, she cocked an eyebrow and said, “if you do, then you can swing by your place to show me where you live. We live in the same town and i don’t even know where you live. See, this way i can ride my bike over to your house and do my home work on your computer.” putting on a sad face she continued, “of course if you don’t want me to come over then i guess that’s okay. I suppose i’ll see you in another 3 years.” “you know damn well i’ll take you home. And i’ll even show you where i live if you want.” Giving me a mischievous smile she said, “i want.

I could only smile back at her and wander just what the hell i was getting myself into here. Fuck it. She was hotter then hell and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. I didn’t seem to need to force her into anything. If it was going to be her game, i was more then willing to play along. Only a fool would pass this up. When hoori came back we finished our game and declared our reluctance to play another. We all headed downstairs and then outside to the deck in back of the house. The girls went out to jump on the trampoline again while i sat and watched. Amber’s breast’s weren’t big enough yet to bounce along with her. I knew from upstairs when we were playing ping pong and i had gotten a couple of good down the top shots, that they only stuck out maybe 3″ and were still cone shaped with youth. For some reason i thought they were perfectly beautiful.

Later that evening as i was sitting at the table talking to mom and dad about life in general, the girls came in and begged me to come out and play hide and seek with them. They complained about needing to have at least 3 people and that i was the only one else available to play. Pretending to be in a hurry to get home i looked at the clock, feigned a little arithmetic, and said, “all right. But just for an hour or so.” Dad had kidded me on my way out about when the last time i had played hide and seek, and that i may want to refresh my memory on the rules. I knew he was poking fun at my age and the fact i was no longer a kid anymore.

Outside we flipped coins again and i ended up the seeker. I had a plan on tagging hoori right away and it just so happened that i did just that. I was a hell of a lot faster then her and when i had finally found her it had been a breeze to run her down. To tell the truth, i never once even seen amber in my hunt.. Wherever she had hidden, it had been a damn good place. We had to call to her to come out for a good 3 minutes before she finally showed herself. Hoori and i both asked her where she had hidden but she just smiled and wouldn’t reveal a thing.

When hoori went out front to count, me and amber took off to hide. As we took off running, she looked over at me and said, “come on. I know a good place to hide.” i followed right behind her, curious to say the least about where she had hidden. She rounded the corner of the garage and half way down the back of it, stopped. Tuning back to face me she points to the tv tower against the garage and said, “follow me. I hid up here the last time. You can pretty much see everything from up there.” then turned and started up the tower. The peak of the garage was only maybe 15′ up, but sense it was dark out, there was very little chance anyone could see you up their.

I followed her up from a short distance below. When she had made it just past the peak, she stopped. I kept going until i had my face level with her ass. Looking up, i could see that she was looking back down at me and was smiling. She whispered, “good hiding place huh?” i smiled and nodded. She said, “i’ll keep a look out from up here. I’ll let you know when she’s around.” I figured i could get away with a little bit of fun at this point sense she was occupied with keeping a watch out for hoori. There was something i had really wanted to do ever sense i had first laid eye’s on her and now was the perfect opportunity. Looking straight ahead at her ass, i brought my nose in real close to her crack and took a big whiff. I could just pick up a faint dull odor of shit, and was completely and utterly aroused by it. Seeing this cute little ass right in front of my face and actually being able to smell it was nearly to overwhelming. Every nerve in my body was alive and dancing in response.

I was still smelling her ass when she whispered down, “she went back out front. She probably thinks we’re already on base.” i took one last whiff of her ass before backing away, not really giving a damn if she saw me or not. As i looked up at her i saw that she was smiling down at me, truly looking as though she was enjoying this just as much as i was. What a beautiful little tease this girl was.

Doing a quick look around to make sure hoori wasn’t in the area, she looked back down at me with that smile and said, “i have something for you.” Incredibly curious, i asked, “what is it?” “no, no. First tell me you want it, then i’ll give it to you.”as far as i was concerned there wasn’t anything she had that i didn’t want. “ok. Give it to me.” i was shocked, amazed, and completely turned on when she farted right in my face.looking up at her in disbelief, then back to her ass, i heard her ask, “well? Do you like it?”

To confirm whether i did or not, i hurriedly brought my nose in for a deep long smell of her fart. I didn’t bother with caution this time, but actually put my nose right up against her ass crack. The odor was strong but without that sick sulfur smell. It was delicious!! After smelling her ass for a good minute, i heard her giggle and whisper, “well?”pulling away from her crack i looked up at her and sincerely said, “i loved it. Do you have anymore?”giggling a little she said, “maybe later. Did you really like it?””very much so.”smiling really big she said simply, “good.”we waited for hoori to get far enough away before making our way down and running to base. She was pretty pissed off about having to seek again, but amber and i weren’t.

I took the lead this time and headed out to the corner of the property where there were a lot of trees and bushes. We took a position were we would be well hidden and still be able to keep a good watch out for hoori. This was amber’s little game we were playing so i waited to see what she had in store next. I didn’t have to wait long. “john.” she whispered, “i have another little something for you. Do you want it?” Looking over at her with lust and greed, i said, “hell yes!” Getting that big smile back on her face, she said, “good. I was hoping you did.” then she spun around, got into a half squat, and stuck her ass right out in front of my face. In a mad rush i brought my face forward and shoved my nose as far into her crack as i could. A second later and she farted. It sounded and felt as though she had eased it out. It lasted a good 2 seconds, and was packed full of that dull but powerful shit odor as the first had. I couldn’t believe i was smelling this beautiful 13 year old girls ass as she willingly farted in my face and actually seemed to enjoy doing it.

For a minute i sniffed for all i was worth before she turned back around to face me. She did a quick look around for hoori before asking, “did you like that one?” by the tone of her voice and the way she was looking at me i could tell that her question was very sincere. I wasn’t about to lie, so i said with conviction, “even more then the first one.” Turning away from me but putting on a small smile, she said, “i have no idea why that excites me so much but it does.” My curiosity peaked, i asked, “how did you find out about it? i’m not ready to tell you that yet.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “well, in the meantime, if you feel the need i’m more then willing to offer you my face.” Turning back to face me, smiling a bit bigger, she states, “good. ‘Cause i really like using your face for some reason. My cunt is wet as hell right now. Jesus, i’m horny!” I was shocked by the ease in which she had used filth talk, but was at the same time turned on by it. In nearly all ways she was far more mature then her years. She was an incredible peace of work.! Her statement of ‘not ready to tell you yet’, convinced me that she did indeed make the rules to the game. That was fine with me. If i got to horny, i could always go somewhere to jack off for some tension relief. “you’ve gotten a boner every time we’ve been around one another today. Do i really do that to you?.

Looking at her beautiful young face, i exclaimed, “hell yes! I think you’re incredibly attractive.” “are you going to jack off when you get home?” I couldn’t believe she was so knowledgeable in sex at her age. I said, “absolutely.” “are you going to think of me when you do?” she asked with a small smile. I smiled back at her and said, “you know i will. It will only take about 30 seconds probably. I’m horny as hell right now too. I’m going to be thinking of you farting right on my face as i jerk it too.” With a look of satisfaction on her face, we held each other’s stare for a few seconds before she said, “here. You can smell my ass a little more, then we’ll take off for base.” having said that, she came over and got down in front of me on all fours. Looking over her shoulder at me and putting a deep arch in her back so her little ass shot up in the air, she said, “hurry. I’ll keep a watch out for hoori.” I had to look at her for a while before moving. In the position she was in, the fact that she was my incredibly good looking niece, and the knowledge that she was only 13, i found that i probably had never been more turned on over anything, or anyone else in my life before this.

Not waiting to long, i came forward and started sniffing her ass. I pushed my nose just as far as it would go up her crack for maximum odor detection. I could hear her moaning a little as i worked my nose up her crack and continued to inhale deeply of her sent. It was intoxicating to say the least. She let me smell her ass for a couple of minutes before finally saying that we should head up to base. I grabbed hold of her hips and took one last deep whiff of her ass before complying. When i pulled away and looked at her, i could see by the flush in her face that she was as turned on by having her ass smelt, as i was from smelling it. Damn this was cool as fuck! Talk about compatibility. All this happened on saturday. Sunday was even better. agar koi larki/aunty punjab mein especially islamabad ya rawalpindi mein kisi tarah ka b sex karna chati hai raazdari k sath to muje mail kareen secrecy is guarented.

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Thodi der main who bhi andar aa gayi. Western toilet thi main darwaja band kiya aur usay jor se kiss karne laga aur uske mammay blouse ke ooper se bahar nikalay aur dabana aur kiss karne laga. Maine uskay nipples ko katne shuru kiya toh woh awajan nikalne lagi to maine apne honth uske honthon par rakh diye aur saadi uthane lagi upar ki taraf . Who phir western toilet ki seat ka cover band karke us par baith gayi aur mere sene par kiss aur katne lagi. Usne phir meri pant kholi aur ghotno ke neeche tak underwear ke saath utar di. Mera 7 inch lamba aur mota lund dekh kar boli ” Hai, daiya itna mota aur lamba”. Maine kaha “ye jab andar jayega toh bahut maza aaye ga. Kyon tumhare pati ki itna lamba nahin hai kya”. Usne jawab diya “nahin unka chota hai”. Toh maine poocha “ Tab toh tum unse khush nahin hogi”. Toh who boli “ nahin aisi baat to nahin hai par main unse gaand jyada marvati huin to mujhe usme maja aata hai. Abhi period chal raha hai nahin to andar le leti”.Toh maine kaha ki apni gand de de mujhe. Usne kuch nahin kaha to main samajh gaya ki who tayar hai. Usne mera lund apne monh main le liya aur jeebh se mere supade ko encircle kar ke choosne lagi. Who bahut hai mast ishtyle main mera choosh rahi thi mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha jaisay wo kabhi kabhi lund bahar nikalti aur supade ko choosne ke baad jhatke sa lund andar leti, wow, kya sensation aa raha tha mujhe bata nahin sakta. Uske kabhi daant lag rahe thay toh bhi maja aa raha tha. Phir jab usne mere taate bhi chat kar andar liye toh main to bwala ho gaya, usnay meri gand main ungli bhi de di toh mujhse raha nahin gaya aur maine ushay jhukaya western toilet ki comode par, phir maine apni purse se paper soap aur Condom nikala (Main apni jeb main ush waqt condomn rakhna start kar diya tha aisay hi style main kyonki ek interview main Chunky Pandey ki padha tha ki who purse main condom rakhna nahin bhoolta, tabhi se. Meri purse main Kamasutra extra lubricated ek hi condom rakha tha, aur who shayad ishi liye bacha tha kyonki mujhe abhi kisiki gaand marne ka sobhagya nahin mila tha. Par Ab milne wala tha). Condom chadhne ke baad maine paper soap se uski gand ke ched main lubrication kiya aur ek ungli daal di phir doosri and phir teesri teeno aram se ghush gayi toh main samajh gaya ki lund ab aaram se andar chala jayega. Who apna sar comode par rakhi thi par who confortable nahin thi uske ghotnay moday huay thay aur kanp rahe thay. Main usay seedha baithaya aur uski doono tange apne shoulder par rakh li aur maine saadi uthai aur uski gaand ke darshan kar ke toh main pagal ho gaya kya mast chowdi aur gori gaan thi. Chooth bhi clean shaved thi, khair maine bina waqt gavaye apne land uski gand ki ched par rakha aur usay jhuka diya thoda peeche ki ore comode ki taraf aur jor se ek dhaka lagaya to woh chila padi Aaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiii main dar gaya aur thodi der tak land andar dalay rakha. Mera lund poora andar ja chuka tha badi ashani se lagta hai ishne pahele bhi gaand marvayi thi. Usne kahan bahut dard ho raha hai. Main ek do minute tak lund dale uski gand main aisay hi khada raha ki koi aa na jaye awaz sun kar jo wo cheekhi thi. Par my good luck koi nahin aaya shayad cheekh train ki awaz aur sab neend main hai ish liye shayad kisi ne nahin suni. Phir maine dhake lagne shooray kiye aur wo bhi josh may full sath de rahi thi apni gand aage aage uchka kar, 5-6 minute ki mehnat ke baad main jhad gaya. Condom nikala aur wahin toilet main phenk diya. Usne underwear aur carefree theek karke pahna aur blouse theek kiya aur phir lipat gayi mere se aur choomne lagi mere galon ko. Maine kahan ki aab chalte hai kahin kisi ki aankh na khul jaya to usne rok liya. Par maine jor karke toilet ka darwaza khola aur bahar aa gaya aur apni middle birth par aa ke soo gaya. Kya mast neend aayi jab aankh khuli to hum log Lucknow pahunch chuke thay aur maine dekhan ki meri shirt ke jeb main ek kagaz tha jis par Gonda ka address aur phone no. tha aur dossri side main chandigarh ka no. aur address tha. Main muskaraya aur ushay purse main rakh liya. Kaisi lagi ye story batayega jaroor, ye sachi ghatna hai mere khud ki. Comments likh kar bhejeyga jaroor meri e-mail id : par.

hello dosto kasay hain ap seb log.umeed hai kherireat say hon gay. tu aaj main aap ko apni kahani suna’ney laga hon jo kay 3 din pehlay meray sath paish aai. main apna intro kerwa do main kashif hon umer 22 saal reng gora or mota hon body pe baal hain. tu cheltay hain kahani ki janib. hooa yoo haftay ki raat thi main gher boar ho raha tha socha outing k liye chela jata hon main aik dost k sath car main fortress stadium chala gya hum wahan per ghoom phir rehy they kay dost ko urgent call aa gai k wo apni aik aunty ko pick kery with faamily tu us nay mujy wahin ghoomnay ko bola or kaha k jasay hi main free ho jao ga un ko chor ker seedha yahan aa kay tumy pik ker lo tum teb tek yahan ghomoo.
khair main wahan hi ghomta raha main mcdonalds k pass say paidal guzr raha tha tu agay say 2 aadmi aa rehy they mera un k sath shoulder lega unhoo nay mujy main nay sorry bol dia or wo normal ho ker chelay gaye
ab main apney dihaan hi agay ko chel raha tha k wo donoo peechay say aye or pocha kia ker rehy ho akely ghom rehy ho hum yahan out of city say aye hain kia tum humein yeh sari jaga dikha do gay main bi socha chelo thori company mil jaye gi lihaaza main nay haan ker di or main un ko fortress ghoma raha tha. itney main aik admi bola k garee say kuch samaan lena hai tu aa jao wahan ko cheltay hain garee k pasrking bundu khan k pass wali ground main thi hum wahan ko chel peray raste main aik admi bola k kashif yaar koi or achi jaga ghumao tu maza aye ga yeh seb itna khaas nahi hai. main nay bola k liberty market achi hai ager wo dekhna chaiye tu ….. unhoo nay haan ker di. ab garee k pass ponch chukay they hum wahan sy garee main beithey or liberty ko chel peray raste main admi dosray walay admi ko bola k yaar gher tu raste main hi hai wahan say kuch or paisay lay lein shoping bi ker lein gay. unhoo nay mujy pocha k koi itraaaz tu nahi main nay kaha nahi.
uss ny garee gher ki taref mor li near saddique trade centre. wahan hum gher ponchy tu us nay bola a jao ander main nahi maan ra tha lakin phir un ko inkar na ker seka or ander chela gya. wahan beitha dosra admi room main gaya or aik meray pass hi beth gya or achanek us nay wapis a krr bola k meri tebeat kharab ho rehi hai main nahi ja sekta. or dosray ko garee nahi chalana ati. ab main kuch der sa gya k main kasay gher tek jao ga. abi yehi baatein ho rehi thin k TV longe ka derwaza khula or 3 aadmi or aa gaye. main kafi der gaya aik tu mujy dekh ker bola achaaaaa tu aaj iss ki gaand phattey giiiiiii main aik dem chokes ho gya
or bola kia metleb main abhir jana hai peechay hetoo. itney main 2 admiyoo nay mujy paker lia or baqioo nay pass a ker bola k tum phes gaye ho ab tumhari gaand phattey gi tu yahan say jao gay werna yahan hi reh jao gay
main bohet pershan ho gya itney main aik admi nay meri gaand pe hath rekh dia or sehlanay laga main hil raha tha lakin baqioo nay mezboti say pehkra hoa tha
or uss nay sehlaty sehlaty kaha k bach tu tum sekty nahi khud hi maan jao tu acha rehy ga werna khaamkha tumy tekleef ho gi jo humein acha nahi legy ga. main nay kuch socha or kaha ok theek hai ab seb nay mujy chor dia or aik meray sath beth gya or meray moo main hath lagany lega dosra meri gaand ko , teesra meri land ko , chota bi or 5th bi issi terha mujy chair rehy they . aik bola k oper room main chelty hain main der raha tha lakin chup chaap un k sath oper chala gya
wahan jatay hi un hoo nay mujy bed pe bitha dia or derwaza lock ker k chabi side main rekh di.
or aik nay khud hi apney keprey utaarna shoroo ker diye uss nay jeb apni pent utaari tu uss ka chota lun tha 4 inch ka tu wo meray pass aya or kaha iss ko choso main nahi moo khola tu aik nay meray baal khaichy or kaha jo kehty hain kero mainnay uss ka lun moo main daal lia or chosnay laga.
us nay mujy bed pe lita dia or mery seenay pe cher gya or khoob lun moo main dalney laga ab baqioo nay neechay say meri pent utaar di hoi thi sirf t-shirt reh gi thi. jeb wo 10 mint k baad utha tu seb nenga they or seb k lun aik say berh ker eik they sirf is ka chota tha aik admi aya or mujy ulta kia or lun pe uss nay condom lagaya hoa tha or meri gand pe lun phairney laga dosra nay bed pe aa k meray moo main daal dia teesray or chotay nay taangein pkeri or us nay aik dem lund meri gaand main ghusa dia main hil bi nahi seka bol bi nahi seka bus sirf roo raha tha abi aisa kerty hi main bayhosh h gya or mujy nahi pata meray sath baad main kia kia hoa bus jeb hosh aya tu suba k 4 bej rehy they or aik banda meray oper tha jis ka lun meri gaand main tha wo bi soya hoa tha baqi bi so rehy they jasay hi main hila un ki aankh khul gai bed sheet pe sara khoon lega hoa tha muj sy utha bi naih ja ra tha.
aik nay mujy pani dia or wo pee ker kuch sembhela main. or phir uss nay mujy keprey diye or gare nikal k suba 5 bajay mujy cousin k gher chor dia. main bohet dera hoa tha kisi say kuch nahi bola or chup chaap gher k ker soo gya . yeh thi meri kahani
mjy email kery ager koi meri gaand lena chahye tu.


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